DABCI seminars are offered in many cities across the nation. You may attend any location to complete your 300 hour requirements, but you must attend 25 of the 26 different topics to qualify to take the board test. To view specific location information please select a city below, or visit our Calendar of Events. For a recommended reading list see the DABCI Online Forms List.

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Seminar Topics (In the Typical Order Presented)

1001        Foundations of Chiropractic Family Practice
1002-03   Patient Consultation and Evaluation
1006        Natural Strategies in Blood Laboratory Testing
1024-25   Gastrointestinal Health and Protocols for a Healthy Gut
1017-18   Allergies, Sensitivities and Autoimmune Response
1009       Cardiovascular Disease
1027A      Endocrinology Clinical Application
1011        Pharmacognosy – Utilizing Botanicals in a Functional Practice
1008        Differential Diagnosis Interpretation Workshop
1007        Additional Blood tests and Tumor Markers
1016        Detoxification and Diagnosis of Hepatic and Renal Systems
1029        Infectious Disease, Emergency Disorders
1010        EKG & Phonocardiograph
1019-20   Common Diseases Affecting the Arterial System
1014        Pulmonary Disease & Lung Function
1021        Diagnostic Training for Cardio-Respiratory Disorders
1015        Geriatrics and Mental Health
1013        Pediatrics
1030        Dermatology
1028        Pharma Reactions
1027B     Advanced Endocrinology
1022        Neoplastic Disease and Cancer I
1023        Neoplastic Disease & Cancer II
1004-05   Pelvic Classroom and Workshop (24 Hours or may be split into 2 -12 hour sessions)
1026        Review of Systems, History and Physical Exam