Session One Handouts   

Metabolic Questionnaire Patient Copy 

Metabolic Questionnaire Dr Copy 

Metabolic Questionnaire Re-Eval

Acid-Alkaline Chart

Alkaline/pH Mineral Chart

Grip Strength

Build Your Blood Sugar Muscle

Session 1 Homework:

UA Form Patient

UA Form – Chart

Alkaline Diet

Alkaline/pH Urine Handout 

Session Two Handouts  

Patient Intake Form Kirchner

Patient Intake Form Kessinger

Session Two Homework

Zinc Tally Form

Zinc Homework Sheet

DABCI Session Handouts (Alphabetical Order)

Alkaline/Acid Chart

Alkaline Diet

Alkaline/pH Mineral Chart

Alkaline/pH Urine Handout

ABI – Ankle Brachial BP

Blood Profiles – K-panel and Thyroid

Blood Sugar Muscle

Blood Pressure Facts/Worksheet

Blood Values and Ranges Adult

Blood Values and Ranges Pediatric

CPT Codes

DABCI Scholarship App

Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion

Food Journal Patient Copy

Grip Strength

Metabolic Assessment Dr Copy

Metabolic Assessment Patient Copy

Metabolic Re-Evaluation

Modified Paleo Diet

Patient Intake Kessinger

Patient Intake Kirchner

pH Mineral Chart

pH Urine Handout

Recommended Reading

Suppliers List

Temperature Points

Truth in Labeling

Urinalysis Patient Form

Urinalysis Chart Form

Urine Sediment

Water Rules

Zinc Tally Taste Test